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Why Prosoft Associates 

Customers of IT solutions are increasingly looking for a reliable partner who can integrate seamlessly into their business.

Prosoft Associates is the partner of choice as it is focusing on one thing, "providing value for money to our customers for all services and solutions we provide".
Our relationship with a client embraces and enhances their ability to deliver on their commitment to their vision, function, performance and quality goals.
Our proven and mature software development process, Project Works, has been derived from RUP and Agile Modeling.
We adopt the client processes when they are good and modify them        when we can show that it benefits our customers.
We are a Process Oriented Software Development and Services   company who aim to build/provide better products/solutions and not  simply develop and maintain legacy systems.
We aim to be a world class software development & services company, which provides us the opportunity to hire the best and brightest. Combined with an exceptional work environment we can assure clients of stable and talented teams.
Prosoft Associates enjoys 100% client satisfaction; we have not lost a client in our history due to delivery or performance issues, and our client base is completely referenceable.


Our team of consultants works with our clients to align IT strategies with business goals. We work to balance all stakeholder input and develop measurable KPIs for all IT services and solutions.

Management Consulting

Our practice provides clients with best-fit IT solutions, advisory and implementation services, all of which address business information management challenges across the enterprise.

App Innovation Consulting

Whether you are building new customer apps,embedding intelligence into your products, the ability to design and release ideas with speed is critical. Today’s hyper-fast and highly competitive environment does not wait for innovation, or tolerate less than expected user experiences. 

Infrastructure Management

We have supported IT infrastructure management at many federal and commercial organizations. We have a proven track record in modernizing and implementing large information technology environments using industry standard processes, methodologies, tools and technologies.