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Message from the C.E.O: 

Welcome to Prosoft Associates Inc. Thank you for visiting us today.

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high…" That is the world of Prosoft Associates. A place where we dare to dream and turn those dreams to reality. A place where winning is the way of life. A place where business is done from the heart, Where customers and Prosoft's associates team is one big family to stand together for good and bad times.

Prosoft Associates is a journey that began with a dream and has withstood the challenges of time. Even as I pen my thoughts the world is changing at a rapid rate and technology is becoming obsolete quicker than it is conceived. Hence it is imperative that the management and employees of Prosoft Associates stay in tune with the changing times.

This feat is accomplished by technological innovation and effective teamwork. Needless to say it is teamwork that separates the winners from the losers and our formidable team - customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, business partners and their families is the driving force behind our phenomenal growth.

And just as the values that condition ourselves, our core values imbibed fiercely in our team have not only helped shape our destiny, but also have reposed our customers' faith in us. Because it is not just about delivering the best possible services or developing excellent software’s - it is about building a relationship that is dependable and trustworthy.

It is a privilege for me to introduce you to Prosoft Associates, a company of world-class employees. At Prosoft Associates we do not pay attention to age or grey hair, Knowledge is the only area we are interested in. We are a team of devoted professionals eagerly waiting to demonstrate our abilities in all your software development needs.


Ray Tripathy
CEO, ProSoft Associates


Our team of consultants works with our clients to align IT strategies with business goals. We work to balance all stakeholder input and develop measurable KPIs for all IT services and solutions.

Management Consulting

Our practice provides clients with best-fit IT solutions, advisory and implementation services, all of which address business information management challenges across the enterprise.

App Innovation Consulting

Whether you are building new customer apps,embedding intelligence into your products, the ability to design and release ideas with speed is critical. Today’s hyper-fast and highly competitive environment does not wait for innovation, or tolerate less than expected user experiences. 

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Infrastructure Management

We have supported IT infrastructure management at many federal and commercial organizations. We have a proven track record in modernizing and implementing large information technology environments using industry standard processes, methodologies, tools and technologies.