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We deliver technology consulting and business solutions for commercial and federal clients


Our Staff management process for the project consists of the following five elements: Staff Planning, Staff Acquisition, Staff Training, Staff Tracking, and Staff Transition. We will follow this pre-tested Staff Management Process to staff all our service contracts.

Our strategic approach to supporting our customers has been very disciplined in practice. We target key accounts and make investments up-front by committing dedicated staff to support management of that account. This approach has afforded us much success at many clients because it has enabled us to focus on each client's business at hand. By focusing on the client's organization, culture, processes, and technical environment, we have been able to cost-effectively deliver quality services tailored to each client's needs.


Our systematic process helps ensure that our clients have the right number of people with the right skill sets to fulfill business needs. We take into account internal and external changes and integrate Human Resources planning with our client's business plan.

Based on the information provided in the Statement of Work (SOW) and the client's requirements, objectives, and scope of work, Prosoft's Human Resources will develop staffing estimation considering certain staffing assumptions and constraints, and Project Organization Plan.


Our recruiting team that features 50 technical recruiters that work with clients in over 20 U.S. markets. Our recruiters are networked to a database of over 300,000 resumes. Relationship building, communication, and training are paramount in our recruiting methodologies, consultant/employee retention, and organizational growth. We offer the most comprehensive benefits program in the industry. For continued growth, we have an advanced CBT program that allows our consultants to obtain new skills while remaining employed. We also utilize advanced Internet search capabilities to precisely recruit only the best and most qualified candidates for our clients.


When new staff joins the project, the Project Manager and the functional lead provides an orientation to the project. New staff and Project Orientation will be conducted only after Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest form and Network Access Policy are signed. 

On-Going Training for Staff
At the start of each project, the Prosoft's PM and functional managers will review their staff skill sets against any new roles or responsibilities needed for the phase. Each manager and their staff will discuss where additional training might be needed to ensure staff has the necessary skills to execute the activities for each project phase. This is a part of performance review and succession planning.


Staff Tracking
Day-to-day management of the project staff is the responsibility of the Project Manager and designated functional managers. Performance evaluations, performance issues and recognition, promotions, and disciplinary actions are the responsibility of the state staff respective organizational chain of command.

Staff Transition
In the event staff desire to transition to another project prior to the completion of the project, Our consultant will give a 2 week notice. The project manager will re-assign the departing staff responsibilities. Our Human Resources staff is responsible for coordinating the knowledge to a new hire, The project manager or functional manager is responsible for ensuring any pending work is transferred to a remaining staff member to ensure timely transition and completion of the work. Resumes for proposed replacements will be sent for review and approval of Client Manager.