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Hiring skilled workforce and start working towards the business goal is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot more that needs to be done after having trained team for the project. Staff Tracking and Staff Transition also play key roles in an organization’s growth. At ‘Prosoft Associates’ we have a separate team of professionals who excel in Staff Tracking and Staff Transition. Take a glance at what they can do for you;

Staff Tracking

It is all about day-to-day management of the project's staff. The staff-tracking is the prime responsibility of the Project Manager and designated functional managers. The other tasks like Performance evaluations, performance issues and recognition, promotions, and disciplinary actions are the responsibilities of the state staff respective organizational chain of command.

Staff Transition

When it comes to staff transition, whenever there is a need for the transition to another project, that too prior to the completion of the current project, our trained consultants will always give a 2-week notice. The project manager will then re-assign the departing staff responsibilities. Our Human Resources staff takes sole responsibility for coordinating the knowledge about a new hire. The project manager or functional manager is responsible for ensuring any pending work, is transferred to a remaining staff member to ensure timely transition and completion of the work. Resumes for proposed replacements will be sent for review and approval of Client Manager. This is not the end of the Staff Tracking and Transition process, there many tasks that come into picture when it is done in actual scenarios and hence should be done under expert's supervision.

We are serving this industry for years and this is why clients trust us for these services. Call us to know more!